Tags : Mobile Web

Mobile eCommerce – work out what sector you’re in – and nail it.

Tags : Mobile Web

Ok, mobile eCommerce is going nuts -  we all know it; the real question though is how important is it for your business.

Recent stats show that the real winners in mobile commerce is Retail Fashion – with Tablet being the highest net traffic consumer.

What does that mean… I duno? I mean you could speculate that young hipsters believe time is better spent in front of their IPads, Sorry I mean Android tablets running the latest flavour sipping coffee, sorry I mean BonSoy Mocca Lates in a café on Kings Street Newtown instead of sitting at home buying the latest cardigan from vintageForHipsters.com on their desktop.

Or the most probable conclusion is Mums

Either way the most interesting aspect of these sorts of stats coming out is simply how the traffic sources differ per sector. A blog posted by IMedia last year shows us the differences in traffic across the main eCommerce sectors. What I found most interesting about these figures is the correlation between Affliate network and the size of device you are using. It’s pretty obvious here that consumer are more subject to online marketing campaigns that are targeted at the actual device they are using. 


Do I need a mobile website – or should I invest more time in it? Well given your sector, make the decision (more often than not, the answer here is yes)

In conclusion, it’s important to remember different strategies suit different types of eCommerce (mobile & desktop); make sure your putting adequate energy into both – and nail it.