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Timing is everything

Kathleen Shrimpton Team : Web Production Tags : Online Trends User Experience

Reevoo recently undertook a study of customer reviews over the past 12 months. They found that 70% of consumers value reviews and recommendations from peers more than professionally written content.

I personally always read reviews before purchasing most products. I want to know what I’m getting.  

So we know it’s important to allow our customers to rate and review our products, but that’s just the first step.

Next is working out how to get them to leave positive reviews. I mean you could just make sure that you offer yours products at the best prices, offer free shipping, have fantastic customer service, have beautiful design, offer free refunds and exchanges, send through email campaigns targeted to users shopping habits, one step checkout, no errors or bugs, have a streamlined purchase process, ease of use, offer discounts and promotions, give users discounts for items left in their cart, send beautiful packaging, offer loyalty points, remember customer preferences, follow up users to check that they’re happy buttttttttt this isn’t going to happen overnight and I’m sure you’re looking for quick wins here as you’re reading this blog.

So if you’re looking for a quick win it’s all about timing!

The day of the week even the time of day you send the email prompting users to rate and review their experience could be the difference between a positive or neutral review.

They key findings from Reevoo were:

  • Weekday purchases generate more positive feedback than items bought on the weekend
  • Early morning and late at night are when shoppers provide the happiest feedback

  • 4pm is when the average ratings are at their lowest
  • Of all gadget purchases online - bread makers, games consoles and coffee machines are the most highly rated

  • We can analyse even further down to the type of user. Women (by a fraction) leave higher average scores than men. 

  • 1 in 3 shoppers are happy to publish a review when it comes to travel brands, whereas 1 in 5 with other shopping brands. Come to think of it, the only review I've ever written even though I read them was for a travel brand. 

  • The most talked about aspects of a site are features, build quality, ease of use, design, value for money and performance. 

So what can we learn from this?

  1. If you’re going to send an email prompting users to rate and review their experience, make sure that it’s either the first thing they see in the morning or late at night. Avoid 4pm angry workers!
  1. If it’s possible to distinguish between customers who have purchased on weekdays rather than weekends, make sure you target these especially.
  1. Always respond to feedback whether it’s good or bad. Too often, companies only respond to negative feedback. By responding to the good and the bad you initiate a conversation and show the customer that you appreciate that they took the time to leave a positive review.
  1. Listen to what your customers are saying. If you’re reading it, there are hundreds of customers who are reading the same thing. Take on board the positive and negative.