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Sydney Web Design, Web Design Sydney – Good for SEO, not good for conversion

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : SEO

One of Wiliam’s competitors has started to rank for keywords we rank well for.

We’ve observed them climbing the rankings though haven’t taken too much notice; we have a reasonably well-structured and established website, and we blog consistently and well. Dozens of new, interesting, well-written and unique articles every month.

I had a first look at our competitor today and the secret to their increasing success comes from an SEO strategy known as ‘keyword stuffing’.

It is a pretty old concept where you basically stuff keywords repeatedly on your pages; Google picks them up and it arguably contributes to your authority.

The issue is that keyword stuffing is ultimately a zero sum game.

Let me explain.

Right versus wrong

A quick Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) joke to kick off: ‘A man walks into a bar, tavern, bar, drinking establishment, watering hole…’

Get it?

SEO is a funny game; it is one that interests me though not enough that I’d want to be in it. Building websites – as I do – takes enough energy and focus without having to worry about the latest trends in SEO.

After-all, building websites is a distinctly different art to SEO. They intertwine very closely and SEO should be a strong consideration from the very first meeting, though the intertwining of the website and SEO doesn’t require the same person to do the work.

A great web designer working with a great Search Engine Optimiser will always beat the web designer that professes to do SEO as well.

Or think of it this way; do SEO people profess to build websites? Not in my experience.

So, SEO is important, damn important. Without traffic to your website, what is the point in having a website in the first place?

Like a gym without gym junkies, or a pool without swimmers.

So, is SEO more important than the website and the experience it delivers?

No. It is not more important – it is just as important, though if it takes over the effectiveness of the website, then something has gone wrong.

This is what has happened to our competitor’s website. They’re no doubt attracting more and more traffic, though the content is hard to read and is not good content.

Actually, it’s bad content.

You can tell a mile away that they’re writing the content exclusively for Search Engines.

And you know what that tells me, the user? You’re not writing for me and you’re dodgy. Do you think I am going to persevere through a clumsily and repetitious website that adds no value to me?

Do you think I want a website that reflects poorly as yours?

Below, I am going to write two sentences, the first being written for users, the second for Search Engines: 

  1. Wiliam is a Digital Agency based in Sydney, providing web strategy, design, development and marketing to a broad range of Australian and overseas clients. 

  2. Sydney Web Design and Sydney Web Development Wiliam is a Sydney Digital Agency providing Sydney web strategy, Sydney web design, Sydney web development and online marketing services to Australia, Sydney clients and overseas.



If you think I am over-emphasising the point, I’m not. 

SEO is a long-term game and short-term strategies might build rankings, though as I said, it is a zero sum game. 

Google will look at the bounce rate of your website and users will walk away with a poor impression.

Write good, unique and interesting content and your users will reward you. If you need to be found in Sydney for web design, be tactical, not shameless.

You’re only shooting yourself in the foot.