Social Media ROI

There’s a lot of buzz and excitement about social media on the web at the moment. Everybody wants their website to integrate with facebook or Twitter and so on. There’s no question that these social networks (and others) can be a powerful part of your company’s online presence, but sometimes convincing the corporate decision makers can be difficult.

This is where the Social Media Return on Investment Presentation comes in. Olivier Blanchard has prepared one of the best (and most fun) presentations on social media we’ve seen. In the presentation he clearly explains the underlying principles of measurement and focus – and the importance of applying these measurements to everything the business does, not just social media.

It’s odd, but true that people often forget the ‘ROI’ part of the equation. It’s easy to be distracted by the bright allure of social media in all its glory and to neglect the return on your investment. Ultimately though, is what the board and shareholders care about most of all. Put the ROI into everything you do and you’ll soon find the decision makers paying a lot more attention every time you’ve got a new idea.