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sitecast™ immortalised forever

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Technology

In 2006 Wiliam commission of itself an email marketing platform – sitecast – to accompany our well developed and quite successful CMS, sitedock:




We spent a million dollars. We over-engineered. We failed to heed some of the lessons we teach our own clients. (We even had the sitecast™ website knocked off by some company in the Middle East who never replied to our emails.)

And we only launched it to one client.

It has been a long running joke between myself and the lead developer, Jason (and the poor guy who had to manage Jason, my good mate Ben C) that if not for sitecast, I would have my yacht.

If there is a consolation, we both have memories, a great friendship and the knowledge that you should stick at what you do best.

So here is sitecast™ - one of the final backups. One of the finest pieces of email marketing software out there – and I’m serious – just too early for its time and in the hands of the wrong people:

Jason and sitecast

There of course is the yacht I never owned and a shot of Jason and myself.

sitecast™ - Jason’s FINEST HIT. Merry Christmas.

Update: a client just emailed me and said that sitecast never did die - it's just throwing errors. Note the original logo!

Original sitecast Control Panel