Multichannel/multi-device selling gives customers what they want - flexibility.

I do not know about you, but I am getting sick of hearing about the “death” of bricks and mortar retailers due to an increase of e-commerce and m-commerce. The game has significantly changed in the retailer world, and when it comes to the future of shopping, multichannel and multi-device selling is king.

Why? Because consumers want it all and they want it now!  Whether they are in-store, on the train home from work or surfing the web at home, consumers want to be able to research and purchase items when it suits them.

Long gone are the days of having to adhere to shop opening hours to browse and buy, with “e” and “m-commerce” you can engage with a new generation of shopping habits and still have the use of the bricks and mortar shop front.

How? One example is allowing the consumer to order and pay online or via an App with the option of picking up their purchase in-store. Again it comes down to giving the consumer options, making each channel relevant to these different shopping options. Consumers still want in-store services; give them the option to engage with the shop front online.

On the flip side, not every business will succeed with multichannel/multi-device selling. Some of the biggest retailers are struggling to tap into the online and mobile selling space. In my opinion it is often because they have spent so many years focusing on in-store selling they find it hard identify with the online/mobile consumer.

It really comes down to getting to know your customers and their shopping habits, identifying which channels/devices they would want to use to engage with your business, and then implementing them. After a bit of homework, development and some promotion you will be on your way.

Another big piece of this puzzle is ensuring each touch point allows the customer to research/transact quickly and easily. But let’s save this for next time.