Andrew Goldstiver Team : Experience Director Tags : User Experience

Making a design wall

Andrew Goldstiver Team : Experience Director Tags : User Experience

We’re halfway through a furniture rearrange at Wiliam to make room for a design wall.

While digital mediums are great, nothing beats the sheer size of a wall and the physical nature of sticking something up. It also isn’t used for other meetings so we can use it as work place.

Some of the goals I have for our design wall (or space) are:

  • A place to brainstorm and experiment as a group.
  • A place to work away from our computers.
  • A way for colleagues to see what we’re working on easily.
  • A place to stick our work-in-progress on the walls for comment in parallel.
  • Something to glance up at rather than ALT-TAB to.
  • A place to showcase some of our favourite work by other designers for inspiration.

So what should our wall be made of? Should we use cork, whiteboard paint or blackboard paint? We also have these cool electronic whiteboards at Wiliam that I’m still learning how to get the most out of. I wonder how we could switch to these from the wall and back again?

We’ve also found this handy “war room” article on the Google Ventures Library. (BTW there’s lots of good stuff in the library, check it out.)

We intend to get the design wall up and running next week. Pictures to come then!