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Google material design

Jeff Huang Team : Web Design Tags : Technology Web Design User Experience

It’s flat, elegant and modern. But unlike iOS7 and Metro UI (Microsoft), it's got depth and shadowing. It provide another depth in hierarchy, define priorities of elements.

It’s definitely a “print like” UI design, and I love it.

We’ve actually seen some google products utilized the new design, and it will be just better as they continue developing their paper thing!

It feels more natural to read and view and consume. Whilst reading an example document, I actually learnt from it.

The philosphy of Google's new design language can translate to many interface and design assignments.


Shadow, it’s the highlight of the whole concept, which we didn’t see on Metro UI and iOS.


Meaningful Transition

I sometimes get confused with my app or website when I went through different states of the content, even if they had a beautifully smooth transition from Point A to B. A functional transition provide visual continuity, makes it clear and directs the user’s attention.

Consistent Choreography

When designing an animation on a website, we’re actually like a choreographer in a dancing company. The way those elements moves should be consistent and coordinated. We’re telling a story: where they from and where are they going, every little thing should make sense.


Authentic Motion

The CSS3 is actually improve and upgrade the transitions, apply a better transition for it, make it feel natural. Try Cubic Bezier to create your transitions.\

Delightful Detail

The devil is in the detail when it comes to design; design becomes something truly appreciated by users when they're at the detail level and can appreciate your effort.

Overall, I’m very positive to see material design here, and I would love to use it.

It’s modern yet human and the color palette looks great too!

I switched my Windows Phone to iPhone when iOS7 came up last year, I will probably change my phone again soon.