Colour and Architecture

The architect Oldfield Knott recently designed and built the Matisse Beach club in a suburb of Perth.

Matisse Beach Club 1   Matisse Beach Club 2

Matisse Beach Club 3   Matisse Beach Club 4

Here colour has been used as one of the primary characteristic of the design.

Both colourful and contemporary, the club is filled with beautiful palm trees and a highly aesthetic use of neon lights.

The space combines bright colours, illuminated hideaways and asymmetrical corners on most surfaces. 

This “beach club” trend has also taken off in Bali and Europe.

In the same way that an architect focused on lights and colour to give life to the space, a designer could replicate similar in website design.

Here is some examples how web designers are using space and colour to animate a website.



Inze   Architecture Holy cupcake



Senic   Architecture Heydar Aliev Center


Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel   Architecture by Craig redman


We are Visual Animals

   Architecture Residence in Beyrouth