Edwin Antonian Team : Web Design

It's the little things you do…

Edwin Antonian Team : Web Design

There has been so much criticism about the new iphone 5s, but what people forget is that the new iOS 7 was released with a lot of new features. Even though the new phone design didn't blow people away (I don't understand why it should, we all know the pattern at which iphones are released in!). The criticism that came out were quite shallow and I believe the little things that have come from the redesign of the iOS are just as important as the big changes. It's the little details that create a great product. 

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen." John Wooden


So lets look at the little things that makes this iOS and other interfaces designs become great products. 

- iOS Photos organises the photos by date


- iOS Call allows you to send a message or create a reminder to call someone back

- The Yahoo Mail Search function allows you to click the magnifying glass which brings up all emails from that address.

- Trip View allows you to sms your arrival time from the main screen.