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How to launch your website/startup with a “Launching Soon” page

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Web Strategy

There are a few ways to launch a website or startup.

One ubiquitous approach is to launch a blog, with the view that you’ll start creating ‘surface area’ and a relationship with Google prior to the main website launching.

This works in theory, though rarely in practice… the issue isn’t one of technology or Google, but that very few businesses have the resources and commitment to invest in writing a blog concurrent with the development of the main website.

If a blog is to have meaningful impact, it needs care and attention and lots of content. Building a new website sucks enough time and effort as it is, without also having to prioritise time into a blog that will disappear or at best, be consumed imminently by a new website.

It’s all too hard to make both projects a success.

And it rarely happens. And so no advantage is gained.

So what to do?

Launching Soon pages

If you’re a reader of startup/social media news, you may have read about Hipster, and the success they had with taking their ‘Launching Page’ viral. 

Even without any detail of what it is that they do, they managed to rapidly sign 14k users in 48 hours, and the numbers have grown from there.

They seeded the beginnings of the viral as would be expected, as well as creating additional buzz by asking whether the name ‘Hipster’ was cool, or really uncool. A new debate emerged about a website that hadn’t even launched, and they had more signups.

This all might seem obvious and even old-fashioned – classic viral stuff right?

Right, though it proves that viral still has its merits, and a good, catchy landing page should bring in the email addresses and users

Unlike a blog, it’s a no-brainer and takes up no time or resource. You do need to get traffic to it somehow, though a good social consultant should be able to help with that.

Which brings me to the point of my blog…

A startup,LaunchRock has just launched their very own “Launching Soon” page…

And what is it that they do as a startup?

They make “Launching Soon” pages.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate the twist and if you’re launching a startup, the service LaunchRock might have for you.