Mark Greenwood Team : Web Development

How Does Blogging Generate Business (B2B) Leads?

Mark Greenwood Team : Web Development

1. Readership

This is the original goal of blogging, to establish a "readership" of businesses (B2B).

With very niche blogs (such as this blog at Wiliam), "thought leaders" and industry influencers can emerge out of relatively small, yet influential companies.

You don’t have to be an internationally-respected technology company to influence businesses, but you do have to think in terms of branding if you want to build a loyal following.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is really where blogging comes into its own. Blogging can create new and unique content with regularity. It can be filled with the keywords and phrases that we want to get found for on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Artificially influencing Google through keyword and phrase manipulation is becoming more and more difficult as Google tweaks their algorithm over time. However, Google's algorithm does rank human written, human digestible

content highly. Producing valuable, shared (on social media) content with absolutely no SPAM, in terms of SEO, blogging ticks all Google's boxes.

Producing often and producing well, should over time improve your search rankings.



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