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Competing in the online wedding arena

Tags : SEO

Weddings are a highly profitable industry. They are also one of the most saturated online. Try ranking for 'weddings' and you will go crazy and broke.

For instance, Dedes offers waterfront dining via their Dedes restaurant in Abbotsford. They are a relatively small website, how can we expect to see them compete? The answer is long tail keywords.

They offer the best wedding venue Sydney on offer but regardless will likely have to battle against large wedding directories fighting for valuable search real estate.

It makes me wonder how the little guys can operate when you have large directories geared towards perfect SEO always on the up and coming.

Regardless, I think Google should look to limit the quality score of large directories so that venues that actually offer waterfront weddings can be seen. We don't want to see a directory full of paid listings for waterfront weddings - we want actual venues.