Announcing the launch of CareerNav for students and their parents

Do you remember when you were about to finish school? I’m sure you had multiple questions like; ‘where to from here?’, ‘what career should I choose?’ and most importantly, ‘how do I make money doing what I love?’.

In turn, CareerNav has launched to answer these questions for students and their parents.

The site is a dedicated resource to helping students better understand what career options are available to them and the life skills required to compete in their desired career.

Launched in June 2009,

“The programme provides a career and life skills pathway for senior, secondary and early tertiary students (including international students) who seek guidance about career choices and life direction

At CareerNav, we understand that parents want to provide their children with the best education they can possibly afford. This is why our programme also encourages your parents to be involved and assist you in making probably the biggest decision you have had to make in your life so far – your career.”

To view the solution provided by Wiliam for the CareerNav website, please visit their site at;