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Can your visitors really see your page?

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Web Design Usability

This is a great resource from Google (, that plainly demonstrates different browser and screen resolutions, and how they affect the viewability (and therefore, performance) of a web page.

The resource also shows the percentage of users that can view each different resolution; predictably, as the resolution grows, the number of users supporting the resolutions shrinks. What is interesting indeed, is the speed at which it shrinks… very quickly, only 10% of your audience can see your content.

As I look around our office of web designers and web developers, all I see if a sea of 24” screens. I have two of them in front of me.

Surely everyone now has this luxury, and the days of 1024x are over?

Wrong – and the Google resource demonstrates it.

The lesson to be learnt?

Know and respect your audience, and ensure that all key content, buttons and functions are in eye’s view. Love your 24” screens like I do, though never assume that your audience have them, because statistically they don’t.