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literature and Web2.0

Oprah’s book club continues to strengthen its reputation by offering free membership and the opportunity for users “with access to benefits such as online discussion groups, reading questions and Q&A sessions with the author.1” (To join, log onto

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Web for charity

Charities such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia report excellent responses to and beneficial results from their Web site.

Dominic Main

Online Shopping Thrives as Product Research Moves Online

A recent on-line article published by eMarketer reveals statistics that seem to demonstrate that normal market patterns will transpire over the next few years for on-line shopping, with the percentage of Internet users that shop on-line leveling out at about 80%. According to current data, the plateau has already started to make itself felt, with the estimated percentage of shopping Internet users above 14 years of age hitting 80% in 2011, compared with an estimated 78.5% in 20071.

Dominic Main

Shift from print to on-line directories

Neil Shoebridge’s recent article about Telstra’s on-line and traditional directory advertising in the Australian Financial Review highlights the challenges that Sensis and Telstra are tackling in making adjustments to accommodate the “rapid growth of its on-line and mobile phone products.”

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Microsoft and Google Compete

John Davidson’s recent Australian Financial Review Article reveals that Microsoft, having failed to acquire DoubleClick recently (losing out in the bidding to Google,) had moved on to attempt a partnership with Yahoo! in order to strengthen its on-line advertising capabilities.

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web 2.0 Shifts Paradigm for CIOs

Beverly Head’s recent article in the Australian Financial Review investigates the impact that Web 2.0 orientated business interests and models will affect the IT infrastructure demands placed on chief information officers.

Dominic Main

web 2.0 leverages user interaction

In a recent article in the Australian Financial Review, IT reporter Beverly Head provides an erudite and well informed commentary on the semantic and definitional difficulties surrounding what is commonly referred to as Web 2.0.

Dominic Main

Booking on-line makes travel cheaper

According to Chris Tolhurst’s recent article in the Australian Financial Review, there are apparently two kinds of on-line travel booking Website which are providing increasingly tough competition to existing popular on-line travel booking sites.

Dominic Main

Mobile Phone Advertising – a New Development Niche

In a recent article in [?], Mark Jones reports that the number of mobile phone users will soon exceed the number of fixed line telephone subscribers. Concomitantly, and with the popularity of new multimedia capable mobile phone devices, there is a ‘gold rush’ of sorts for the mobile phone advertising dollar.

Dominic Main

The 3 Click Rule and You

Depending on the size and complexity of your website, the concept of getting your users to their destination in 3 clicks or less is not always achievable – attempting it can in fact be completely counter-intuitive and make your site even more unruly.

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