Will pedal for food

According to a BBC report the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark has introduced a new incentive program for guests to produce electricity for the hotel.

Customised exercise bikes have been introduced to the hotel that will allow a person of average health to produce around 10 watt hours of electricity in 15 minutes. The bikes are equipped with iPhones that monitor the power output and the amount of electricity generated in a session.

The hotel has described the introduction of the bikes as a method to extend their production of clean energy by harnessing the power of health conscious guests. As a further incentive, guests who do manage to produce 10 watt hours of electricity will receive a meal voucher to the value of 26 euros.

So, it’s possible that the next time you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you may be able supplement your dining budget (and work up a healthy appetite) with 15 minutes on the exercise bike before you head to the restaurant.