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Good June 2012 web stats

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Online Trends

I can't resist a good stat.

If it's good enough, I put in to memory and wind it back and back again to defend any argument of relevance.

These select digital stats from Econsultancy are pretty good.

Read the full list at the link.

  • The three most valuable keywords in mobile search are mortgages, insurance and loans
  • Young people overwhelmingly do not trust Facebook nor want it integrated with the websites of which they participate. I am 32 and so probably not so young anymore, though I tend to agree: Facebook should be when I am on Facebook and never else. Or at least when I don't give specific permission/
  • According to Sony, Pinterest (What is Pinterest and is it worth engaging for your online business?) drives 2.5 times the traffic to its website than Twitter. This despite them have 2,500 Pinterest followers versus 80k Twitter followers. Wow. Though based on what I have seen with other clients, it doesn't surprise me. I personally think Facebook has seen its best days and that you should be investing in a Pinterest strategy instead. (Pinterest is a bigger threat to Facebook and Instagram)
  • Buy and collect is a very, very important component to eCommerce sales. People love it. (We were part of launching the solution for Woolworth's client Dick Smith (Woolworths and Wiliam win big: including Australian Online Retailer of the Year 2011) and it has been an unbelievable success.)
  • Android leads all other smartphone brands in Europe and the US.
  • Bounce rates on mobile are increasing as companies fail to have optimised websites.
  • Mobile sales - irrespective of this number - are booming.

The takeouts?

Get into Pinterest as I've suggested a few times and if you're not on mobile and offering a mobile website to your users... get onto that too!