Uyen Nguyen Team : Senior Developer

Visual Studio 2015 – Diagnostic Tools & Debugging Tips

Uyen Nguyen Team : Senior Developer

If you’re using Visual Studio 2015, you definitely must check out 2 great shows on Channel9 - Visual Studio Toolbox:

This show will help you get more out of your debugging experiences with Visual Studio 2015 Diagnostic Tools.

It covers:

- How to use IntelliTrace to speed up your debugging process

- How to use PerfTips and CPU Usage to evaluate Performance while debugging

- How to take memory snapshots to track your application’s Memory Usage

This show will provide a number of tips and tricks to improve your ninja debugging skills and maximise the debugging capabilities of Visual Studio.
It covers tips and tricks for:

- “Edit and Continue” feature that allows you to change your code while debugging and continue to see what happens without stopping and recompiling your application

- Run query against a collection in Immediate Window

- Tracepoint

- Exception Settings

- Make Object ID

- Conditional Breakpoints

- Run to Cursor

- Restart

- Step Into/ Step Over/ Step Into Specific

- Peek Definition & DebuggerDisplay

- Locals window

- Debugger.IsAttached and Debugger.Break();

- Visualizers

- Pin properties to create mini watchers or data tips

- Multiple startup projects

- Diagnostic Tools & Historical Debugging

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Know your tools. Be productive. Happy debugging.