Maximillian Crawford-smith Team : Client Services Manager Tags : Technology Usability User Experience

Using mobile to improve customer experience.

Maximillian Crawford-smith Team : Client Services Manager Tags : Technology Usability User Experience

In an age where information can be accessed by the click of a button, the way we interact with each other is no longer restricted by anachronistic forms of communication. Technology has provided a humanity with instant access to the who, what, where and when.

The internet has shifted the balance of power; no longer are people confined by locality to fuel their addiction of material possession. If people want to buy the latest German designer watch, they simply buy it online.

Consumers now have options, they don’t have to have to put up with deplorable customer service, or exorbitant prices, or even have to their leave the home.  

However, as consumers are become more and more discerning, the importance of “brand” reputation is an important part of the project and should form part of your broader digital strategy.

As web designers, User Experience (UX) or how people interact with your product or service is vital to the success of the project; it is the proficiency of your User Experience that will lead to your success online.

While UX is a key component, the end to end experience, or Customer Experience (CX) will ultimately be the deciding factor for a customer to return or recommending your product or service.

The below Venn Diagram helps us understand the relationship between the two.



We all know the adage “the customer is always right” but do we really understand how important it is to practice what we all preach.

Now I am not saying that we should listen to every single disgruntled customer; there are always outliers that are an exception to the rule. However, more often than not there is valuable insight to be found in constructive feedback.

I recently read an article where the Hilton Hotels were using twitter to respond to disgruntled customers; people are generally more understanding when they know action is being taken and are less likely to be disappointed by the experience.

Social media has changed the way people share their experiences with your brand; technology not only helps us generate revenue, but provides a platform for business to interact with their customers on an unprecedented scale.