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3 key tips for startups

Kathleen Shrimpton Team : Web Production Tags : Technology Common Sense Issues

Recently Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin (currently in the running for Entrepreneur of the Year) wrote an article for ITB Digital about successful tips for start-ups. As a Producer, a lot of the projects I work with are start-ups and the three tips that Eckersley-Maslin identifies I can definitely relate to any project. 


1. Validate your idea

At the beginning of this year, a start-up of ours launched a ‘test of product’ site to show to their key stakeholders. With the plans to launch a fully functioning eCommerce site they first want to test the basic business flow with a section of their audience. Whilst they have already identified the ‘need’ with their idea, this is a fantastic way to look at the interaction between customers and their product, and also areas that the process flow may need to change or be improved upon. 


2. Identify your Minimum Viable Product

Sebastien goes into the importance of launching the smallest and least risky product during phase 1 and I couldn’t agree more. Too many times, start-up companies desire every discussed idea without testing their product properly. Whilst I can understand how it is key to release a product that is over and above similar competitors it is still crucial to validate your project. Start-up ideas should be viewed as projects that you can build upon. Analytics, a/b test, do anything you can to work out what you can improve upon by starting off with only the basic requirements needed. This will also get your idea to the market much faster as well. 


3. Invest in the design

The user interface and the design should be the main focus of the first phase of any start-up project. It has to be immediately clear to users where you want them to go and what you want them to do. It’s important to get a start-up idea out as soon as possible but no corners should be cut in regards to the user interface. This is one of the key factors to test during the validation phase.