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Mozilla releases Firefox Developer Edition

Jason King Team : Web Development Tags : Web Development

Firefox has always been a decent browser for development, but last week Mozilla released Firefox Developer Edition: a browser packed with developer-friendly features including WebIDE, Valence for cross-browser debugging and a responsive design view.

Firefox Developer Edition

The Firefox Developer edition features many developer tools and extensions built right into the browser. WebIDE is the replacement for App Manager and lets you build applications from your browser or Firefox OS device. Responsive Design View lets you see your app or website as you resize it for different platforms.   There are several pre-sets or you can drag the slider to adjust the emulated screen width.   Valence lets you debug for different browsers, including Chrome and Safari. Responsive Design View is useful as it allows you to view the web page in “mobile screen sized mode” whilst keeping full size developer tools. Other useful tools that we're used to like Page Inspector, Web Console and Web Audio Editor are also include. Most of these features have been available in Chrome for a while but it’s nice to see Mozilla adding their own version.  Oh and don’t forget the new cool dark skin.

One new cool feature is the ability to easily forget the last 5 minutes, 2 hours or 24 hours of your browsing history.   Rather than having to go through several sub menus you can add the Forget button to your toolbar by right clicking on the toolbar and selecting customise.

Firefox Forget