Uyen Nguyen Team : Senior Developer

Machine Learning - Where To Start?

Uyen Nguyen Team : Senior Developer

So you want to learn Machine Learning but feel overwhelmed with too much information out there and don’t know where to start?

This post will give you some tips to get started on your Machine Learning journey.

If you’re a developer and want to become a machine learning expert, then start with this article first “Machine Learning for Programmers: Leap from developer to machine learning practitioner.

  • Sign up for online Machine Learning courses

There are many great free online learning Machine Learning courses. They will give you a good foundation of Machine Learning and a great way to collect projects for your own Machine Learning portfolio.

You can also earn certificates and credits for some of these courses.

1) Machine Learning by Stanford University:

2) Build Intelligent Applications by University of Washington:

3) Machine Learning Algorithms Mini Course:

  • Follow a Machine Learning resource

I find Machine Learning Mastery is a great site that can guide you step by step on this journey. Check it out here:

  • Join a Machine Learning meetup group

Being engaged with a community of like-minded people will give you not only inspiration to keep moving forwards but also latest information and projects in the field.

If you’re in Sydney, the link below will list all Machine Learning meet up groups in Sydney:

  • Build your Machine Learning portfolio

As you're working through your machine learning courses, take sometimes to build your Machine Learning portfolio. It's a great way to keep track of what you learn and a great showcase to your employers.

You can find some tips here: