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Jeff's sites of the week - 07

Jeff Huang Team : Web Design



Children fashion

It seems to look ordinary and simple, but it actually contains heaps of hidden gems. When using the site, the micro interactions make the site easy to use and more understandable.


Feeling the Street


This is an amazing site in terms of the idea and the design. The site takes the street band on the road to the internet from every corner around the world.



The Modern House

Real Estate

The modern house is a hi-end version of real estate sites. The site is created like a modern architecture magazine and targets more wealthy people who appreciate good design. The background B&W video brings life and warmth to those houses.


Read-Only Memory

Book store

What I like the most about the site is the unique layout. If you go to the product page, you’ll see that the content is aligned differently from others. Also, they use very subtle parallax effects on images.




It’s the damn finest website using the parallax scrolling transform effect!