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Interview - Future of Online Shopping for Australian companies

Bess Batterham Team : Web Operations Tags : Online Trends

As well as being the financial manager at Wiliam I also study journalism. For my radio course I put together a short show where I focused mainly on online shopping. 

In it I included a short interview  with Robert Beerworth, the managing director here at Wiliam, about the future of online shopping for Australian companies. 

Experts claim  that now two in every three Australians shop for something online. Not necessarily purchasing something from an online store but also browsing and reviewing products on the retailers website to get a clearer understanding of what they are  going to purchase and what their best options are before making trip to the store. 

With the Australian dollar so strong at the moment, shopping from overseas stores is a much cheaper option. This is a worry for Australian retailers so they have to make their product stand out on the world wide web.

In this two minute interview Robert and I discuss such things as; 

  • How Australian retailers are growing in terms of online shopping. 
  • How important it is for retailers to offer online facilities.
  • How Australian retailers  are feeling about having to compete with a cheaper overseas market and what strategies they are using to keep customers shopping at a local level. 
  • The technical side of evolving your website to offer these online shopping facilities.