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Hey, I found a great blog....

Tags : Online Trends

The blogosphere. Its huge. I mean, really huge. Technorati currently states it is tracking 112.8 million blogs, which does not include the 72.82 million Chinese blogs as counted by The China Internet Network Information Center. That is alot of blogging. That is alot of information being thrown up onto the web for others to digest. But aside from News channels and media portals, why does the average Jo (myself included) do it? Why would someone feel the need to rant about their daily walk with their dog through the park for (anyone) to read?

The answer is very simple. We as humans want a voice. We want to express ourselves, our opinions, our feelings and our emotions towards whatever the subject matter may be. We can’t all be columnists for the New York Times or Bendigo Post. So we start our own virtual soap box of thoughts. And just because we aren’t ‘professional’ writers or informants, doesn’t mean we don’t have extremely insightful and clever opinions. Well, not all of us, but most!

Here is a short list of blogs, showing you the vast range of what we crazy humans are willing to type for others to read....






I never promised that they would be worth reading, just that they are there to read...