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Go easy on your eyes

Jason King Team : Web Development Tags : Technology Tips & Tricks

As people that work with computers, we spend a huge chunk of our lives staring at a screen.   Here are some tips to help reduce eye strain.


If you are a software developer and use Visual Studio, give the dark theme a try.   Rather than burning your eyeballs white, the dark theme is much softer.   I noticed the difference as soon as I made the switch.   It’s easy to change the theme by going to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> General.


Another great little program I’ve started using is called F.lux available here: https://justgetflux.com/

It automatically adjusts the screens colour temperature according to the time of day.   During the day the screen appears like normal but after sunset the screen is softer.   All you need to do is set your location and the program can work out what time of the day the sun sets.   Whites appear more reddish or salmon.

There is also the option to enable “Movie Mode” which disables the program for 2.5 hours so you can enjoy your film in its original colours.