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The creative workspace

Clementine d'Arco Team : Web Design Tags : Web Design Clients

Creative people spend a big part of their day sitting behind a desk and working with computers.

This can stifle creativity if the work environment is not designed correctly.

Desiging our workspaces and making them liveable is a great way to:

  • Increase teamwork.
  • Increased workplace engagement and interaction.
  • Improved ability to attract and retain quality employees.
  • Increased staff morale, fun and happiness; and
  • Increased workplace problem solving and productivity


So here are some examples... starting with two really creative desks.

The first is for a male and is by the German designer Tom Schuster.

He created a multifunctional table has a surface corrugated timber.

Technological components are integrated as a docking station for smartphone and tablet, a drawer on the side allows the user to store the laptop and enjoy the desk surface for other activities…


And the female version buy the designer Theresa Arns.

A wooden desk, very functional since it has a writing table, a dressing table and little secrete boxes to hide your personal stuff.


And here some nice creative spaces.

With workspaces like this, you will never want to leave work…








Spruce your office up. Lead with design and reap the rewards.