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Josh Shardlow Team : Web Production Featured

The (ir)relevance of your homepage

Are homepages really that important?

Simon Miller

Searching PDFs with Umbraco

My current website has a simple requirement: combine regular page search results with PDF file results. Simple, right?

Simon Miller

Google: Going Beyond the Result

As the trend for mobile usage continues to eclipse desktop, and the purpose of search itself is tailored to why you would be searching on a mobile in the first place.

Guy MacArthur

Getting Descendants in Umbraco Examine

An easy way of getting descendant node index entries with a simple query, if you’re into that kind of thing…

Simon Miller

I can’t find anything on this website

I needed to buy flowers. I'm a guy. I don’t know what a bouquet or arrangement is. Just sell me some flowers.

Simon Miller

Searching a decoupled Umbraco site

What is the best way to perform a content search on a decoupled Umbraco without the support of Umbraco Examine?

Simon Miller

Don’t forget about the small things

Once the dust has settled on your website build, tired eyes may overlook the simpler things.

Bess Batterham

10 ways to improve the UX of onsite search results

The speed in which results are returned is very important, but there are many other factors which will influence the overall user experience and may just lose or win you a sale from a potential customer.

Roslyn Zolandor

Taking Google Site Search beyond the standard search results

You can do more with Google Site Search than just the standard Google results you normally see. Here are 2 great ways you can customise your results by adding additional information such as images, ratings and allowing your users to refine their search

Google Caffeine – Is Your Web Site Caffeine Tolerant?

Google announced last week that a major search indexing revamp had been in the works for the last few months. Named Google Caffeine, the new infrastructure promises to have improved crawling, indexing and serving of results.

The User Experience & SEO

Search engines have long used the user experience as the pedestal to measure a sites worth. Algorithms have been written and frequently updated to crawl through your site and ranking pages accordingly for different search terms.

Microsoft Bing & Yahoo Merger Announced

Microsoft and Yahoo are finally joining forces in search to take on Google. In short, what the deal brings to both parties is Microsoft will be powering Yahoo’s search with the Bing engine, and yahoo will become the relationship sales force for both companies’ premium search advertisers.

Useful Google Commands / Operators

There are many instances where Google or Wikipedia has come to the aid where questions needed answering. Sometimes the answer appears right away within the first results; sometimes it takes time to sift through the returned pages and sometime we need to rephrase the question and try again.

Daniel Wright

How will search evolve in the future?

With the recent release of Microsoft’s new search engine Bing and the launch of the computational search engine Wolfram Alpha, it’s clear that plenty of players are still eager to challenge Google’s dominance of search.

Importance of Using Redirects for New Sites

When businesses and individuals decide to give their website a facelift their main agenda is having a new site that looks well designed, give a professional feel and is easily manageable with a CMS (content management system). That is all good and well but what happens to the old site once the shiney new one is up and running and how will it impact hits and leads that are generated.

Not Always the Homepage

During a pitch meeting last week, the client who we were pitching for was shocked that not everyone who arrives to their websites comes via the homepage.

Display Ads: The Perfect Compliment to Search Campaigns

In today's online climate, the still reigning king of not only traffic but ROI is still search. Search campaigns, well executed ones, might still be the best way to drive the attention towards your website or business, but need something else, something more branded towards you, to be as successful as they could be. Enter display ads.

Wiliam Staff

Your Blog’s Domain Name

How often have you seen a major corporation use or as a location for their blog?

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