Display Ads: The Perfect Compliment to Search Campaigns

In today's online climate, the still reigning king of not only traffic but ROI is still search. Search campaigns, well executed ones, might still be the best way to drive the attention towards your website or business, but need something else, something more branded towards you, to be as successful as they could be. Enter display ads.

Display ads, the ones you're used to seeing have always been a great way of branding, but up to this point have truly fallen behind and taken up second to search. The key it seems, is combining the two and using creative display advertising to help bring out the best in all of your search campaigns. According to a new study that tested the effectiveness of both search and display advertising:

"Search advertising performed better than display advertising campaigns on their own. But, when combining a search and a display advertising campaign, the lift to the ad campaign was beyond what could have been generated by either marketing tactic on its own."

So when you're gearing up to prepare your next search campaign, it's highly suggested you don't just choose one or the other, but choose both and let the two work in tandem and provide an even higher return on investment. It's your money, it's your product and it's your business, market it properly. The time is now to turn your attention towards the importance of the display ad in all of your marketing campaigns. Creativity is key.