Buying a domain

A good idea for a new website can be hard to find, but once you do have that idea it can sometimes be an even bigger task to secure the right domain for your idea. How do you sum up everything that your idea represents in a few short words that are relevant to you, your idea and most importantly, to your users?

Here are a few quick things to consider when you’re buying a new domain for your site.

  1. What are your competitors using? – Are they mainly using business names, or including keywords about what it is they do?
  2. What are the most important keywords in your industry? – Keyword research can seem intimidating and difficult but try using Google’s handy search tool to determine which keywords are searched on most frequently in your industry and in your geographic area.
  3. Which keywords can work into a logical domain name? – Don’t just throw a random string of words together, try to come up with something that is clear and meaningful while still making use of top performing keywords.
  4. Is your business name relevant to your actual business? – Heavenly Visions might be a great name for your business, but it doesn’t necessarily let people in on the fact that you’re a landscape architect.
  5. How many variations on your domain should you buy? – This can be a complex question but it really boils down to what you’re intending to do with your new site. If you’re setting up a named site for example, then it might be a good idea to buy as well. It can be well worth the extra cost in order to save yourself the hassle if someone else buys it.

Finding a strong domain name that is available can be a lengthy task, but with the right mix of creativity and research you’ll be able to get your website off to a strong start.