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But I need it now

Kathleen Shrimpton Team : Web Production Tags : User Experience

When it comes to shipping, users are expecting more and more. We’ve been through the importance of free and immediate shipping before but now we are starting to see some eCommerce sites introducing shipping out of hours.

At The Iconic they offer you 4 different shipping options. This isn’t just the standard regular/express options, these are grouped by specific time frames so that you know exactly when to expect your product.

Seeing Standard Delivery or Express Delivery doesn’t really tell me anything. All I get is ‘maybe you’ll receive this in 5 – 10 days’ or ‘maybe you’ll receive this in 3 days’. 

Just maybe.

I’ve been impressed with the Iconic and their 3 hour shipping promise, which when over $50 is free.

It’s a Friday afternoon, you decide you want to go out for the weekend but want something different to wear…well I would think this if I was fashionable but let’s roll with this.

You purchase your item in the afternoon and it’s delivered within 3 hours. Guaranteed.

Can they do any better?

It turns out they can. The Iconic has now introduced delivery between 5.30pm – 9.30pm. 

So if you find out you have drinks on a Friday night and it’s Thursday afternoon, you can ask for delivery after hours when you know you will be home to sign for the delivery! 

Not good enough? It’s late on Friday night and you need it delivered for going out Saturday night? You really should stop buying clothes now… 

They offer delivery on Saturday between 1pm – 6pm.  

Not only that, The Iconic tells you on the product detail page which shipping options are available. This could be the difference between completing the purchase or leaving the item in your cart. 

First you’re required to enter your postcode: 

Unless you’re logged in and it automatically takes the postcode from your saved delivery address. 

Then it offers you the available times that you can have this product delivered including the corresponding prices. Even a countdown of the cut off times is visible down to the minute.


If I know exactly when I can receive my product before I’ve bought it then I’m going to be more inclined to go ahead with the purchase. 

So if you’re not offering free shipping, step up!!! 

If you’re not offering possible shipping options based on time frame rather than the type of delivery, you know what to do.