Simon Miller Team : Web Development

Add some Christmas Cheer to your Website

Simon Miller Team : Web Development

Ho ho ho! Christmas is but days away. Have you spruced up your website for the pending festivities? Here’s a few entirely not-tacky additions you can temporarily add to your website. As Darrel Kerrigan from The Castle would say, Christmas-y website flare “adds a bit of charm”.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

With only the smallest amount of JavaScript, your website too can experience a White Christmas. There are many snow-effect jQuery plugins, but one that we have used before and recommend for maximum snow factor is jQuery Snowfall. One cool (pun intended) effect with this plugin is the snow build-up feature; target some containers, leave the plugin running and snowflakes land and accumulate.

Xmas-ify your logo

There’s no reason why Google has to have all the fun with their event-specific logos. Why not add a candy cane to that branding? Or put a Santa hat on the first letter? Or just plonk a snowman at the end? The variations are endless!

Flashing Christmas Lights

As timeless as Christmas itself and as tactful as reindeer antlers for your Corolla, Christmas lights can be a primary feature on your site for 30 days. You need to take them down by January 1st or else you are That House in the street that leaves them up all year. This script is particularly fun: when you touch (run the mouse over) the lights they explode – just like real ones!

A Santa Mouse Cursor, with trails

This needs no description! Just beautiful. Look at him go!

Replace your website with a virtual greeting card

Go on, it’s only for a few days – replace your website with a cheerful message from your company with this fantastic parallax effect. Your SEO may plummet, but your cheerfulness will skyrocket!


This is but the tip of the North Pole iceberg. Enjoy making your website a bit more “festive”, and have a happy new year!