A few tips to make a developers life easier (tech talk)

Disable ASP.NET Validator through Javascript.

This is great for those times when you have a dynamic form and need to toggle a validator control on or off.

Jonas Bush, shows us the simple solution here.

Custom validators ClientValidationFunction

If you’re like me and have always found the annoying fact that radio buttons and checkboxes don’t support validation, you have to resort to a custom validator.  Joe Stevens’ Blog has a quick and easy way to check a checkbox selected state as well as some other ways that the custom validator can be used client side.

Removing the dotted outline in Firefox

I was slicing up a website the other day and found the dotted outline misleading or should I say, made a particular link button I was slicing look unappealing. Then I found this little trick to remove it.

a {
   outline: none;


More CSS tricks, and the above solution can be found at CSS-TRICKS.