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Mecardo is a leading provider of up-to-date, expert analysis and data for the rural commodities industry.

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Australian Start-up.
Launch of new brand.
End-to-end subscription website and platform.
Responsive design. Support for white-labelling. Integration with data feeds.

The farm gate trade in rural commodities is unusually dynamic and real-time.

The farmer calls around, works out who’s paying the best price and voilà, the truck is pointed in that direction.

Indeed, the very reason the farmer chose to plant a certain grain or raise a breed of cow in the first place was based on the commodity price of the day, the strength of the Thai Baht and whether it was a full moon at the time.

Well admittedly, this is a bit of a simplification, though it is closer to the truth than you might think.

Whereas traders and the folk in the city might have access to analysis, forecasts and data, farmers have traditionally not had such granular access or more to the point, no easy or consistent way to interpret and understand the data.

Mecardo is Australia’s first, online, subscription platform allowing farmers, traders and really anyone with exposure to the commodities industry to gain access to market indicators, market commentary and in-depth analysis into the Australian cattle, sheep, wool, and grain markets.

Suited to mobile, tablet and desktop, Mecardo allows subscribers to personalise their content by location and commodity type. Subscribers receive real-time email alerts to new analysis and market data allowing for better, more informed decision-making and trading.

The farmer knows to sell early or late and whether they’re selling high or low. Or, not to sell at all as the case may be.

You might say that Mecardo is a farmer’s new, best friend.

Key services provided to Mecardo

Strategy and Data

Business Analysis
Data feed integration
Rapid Prototyping
Business Mapping


Information Architecture
User Research and User Testing
Accessibility Level 1


Umbraco CMS
Custom alerts engine
.NET 4.5/MVC and SQL2012 framework


Develop and implement new online brand
Responsive, touch-friendly design
Asset Design
User Testing

Project Management

Dedicated Wiliam project team
Stakeholder management and reporting
Ongoing MVP lifecycle
Ongoing support and maintenance


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