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Project Overview

We designed and developed the Cudo website all the way back in 2010; a website which literally rocketed into the stratosphere just as the group buying industry was exploding into Australia.

Talk about crazy times: hundreds of new websites on the market in a period of months, millions of new customers, thousands of deals, billions of emails. And everyone running as fast as they could to be the lead.

Indeed, we had five full-time resources employed undertaking constant development and it didn’t slow down for two years.

In catching our breath, we’ve launched a completely new UX and design for the Cudo website and in doing so, keeping the website fresh and contemporary, whilst also taking advantage of considerable analytics and customer insight we’ve managed to aggregate over the period of Cudo’s operation.

The new UX and design went through many iterations and rounds of user testing and in launching the new look and feel, we’re comfortable it will be the same hit as it was when we first launched.


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We deliver our promise to clients through 2 focuses:

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