Methodology & Process

We call our Methodology, Online Success.

We call our Process, Project Success.

Bought together, we deliver real, online, commercial success to our client.

Time and time again.

We don’t build websites and applications for sake of it. We build them for a reason: to perform.

To perform can mean to sell something, collect a lead or simply integrate with an existing process.

The better our work performs, the greater the commercial success delivered to our clients.

Talking about online, commercial success is only half the story however; you need to be able to confidently get there by delivering successful digital projects.

Online Success and Project Success achieve these two objectives.

Our Methodology: Online Success

Modern, digital strategy really is a science;
a numbers game.

It is this science that Online Success is built around, helping us to mould and shape our clients and their online businesses into successful online businesses.

It is about traffic, conversion and acquisition and finally, loyalty. It is about building not only sustainable though effective and successful outcomes for our clients online.

However they measure it.

The fundamentals underpinning Online Success:

The pyramid of online success The pyramid of online success (mobile)

Applied as a practical model, this is what Online Success looks like for a Wiliam website:

The loyalty process graphic The loyalty process graphic (mobile)

Our Process: Project Success

Project Success focuses on the delivery of digital solutions for our clients.

The online project success cycle infographic

Firstly, Project Success focuses on our process for how we work with our clients:

Strategy and Rapid Visualisation

Develop and optimise the underlying strategy and rapidly move to a point where all stakeholders understand the vision.

Project Planning

Plan the project fully; manage risk and define responsibilities.

Analysis, research, analytics and talking with users

Undertake research and analysis including through existing analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) as well simply sitting down and talking with users; developing customer journey maps and Information Architecture.

Requirements and UX (including testing)

Requirements Documentation (and technical specifications) and UX/Prototype through to the point of being able to test against users.


The visual design of the digital solution; how it looks, how it feels and how it grows the client brand.


Developing the digital solution including Content Management and Integration.

Testing, Content and Pre-launch

Testing of the digital solution, including functional and UAT testing; final preparation of content and general client support ready for launch.

Migration and Launch

Migrating the digital solution, especially in-light of user change management and Google migration; launch it!

Post-launch Support and Optimisation

Ongoing support and ongoing optimisation services.

Secondly, Project Success focuses on our principals for delivering to and servicing our clients:

  • Most importantly, make it fun. Work as a team.
    Make the journey an awesome experience.

  • Manage risk and manage it early.

  • Be flexible and adaptable.

  • Report continuously and transparently.

  • Never drop the ball. And if you do, be honest and pragmatic about it.

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We deliver our promise to clients through 2 focuses:

Online Success and Project Success. Over 15 years, we have delivered hundreds of substantial and complex projects on time, on budget and to the highest of standards.

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