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Wiliam’s 2010 Christmas T-Shirt

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Web Design

We have a few traditions at Wiliam.

We have the Wiliam International Food Day. The Production Team’s Friday night cigars.

We have the ‘You’re a Star’ award, handed out to the three team members who have well and truly reached out over and above all year; this year, we have even introduced the new ‘Mister Mister Mention’ award for two others that have killed it all year.

Yes, we love traditions…

One of our favourites however is the Wiliam Christmas T-Shirt. And certainly if the point of the t-shirt is for nobody except a member of the Wiliam team to know what on earth it means, we’ve nailed it this year!

Unveiling the 2010 Wiliam Christmas T-Shirt, with a dozen or so left over for the first clients to walk through the door.

What does it mean?

The tape is a reference to the constant house music we have streaming right throughout the office; DJ Add to Basket is the best (or worst depending on who you are) of the DJs in the various sets we play.

Sessions Sessions Sessions is a reference to the podcast we download the music from.

And ‘Big Weekend Coming Up’ is a reference to a question/statement I (apparently) ask everyone, every day!

I told you it made no sense.

Anyway, if you’re a client and want a grey t-shirt, book a Monday morning meeting! Oh, and despite the image above, there is a big Wiliam logo on the back.

Merry Christmas. It has been an extraordinary, challenging and brilliant year!