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Wiliam is hiring - You!

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Management

We’re hiring across the board

I know our blogs are meant to be anything but about Wiliam, though for sake of this blog, I am going to argue that by pitching the different jobs we’re hiring, we’re painting the ‘state of the nation’ in the Sydney/Australian web strategy/development/design market.

First of all, hiring for a position is taking almost as long as it did in 2008 with the difference being that the quality of candidates at the moment are superb. We’re not seeing nearly as many inappropriate applicants, and someone that claims to be ‘senior’ probably is. Two years ago, everyone was senior.

On a positive front, we’ve appointed roles in our Account Management and Productions teams, and the new additions to our team have been first class.

Finding suitable additions to our Development (Programming/Database) team has been harder, while finding front-end developers (HTML/CSS) has been very hard indeed.

So, what are we recruiting for:

  1. We’re always looking for freelance content producers and content managers, both for our own requirements and for direct employment with our clients.
  2. We’re always looking for freelance Flash developers to help our core team. Actionscript, experience with XML/Flex.
  3. We’re appointing full-time developers: ASP.NET 3.5 and SQL2008, XML with CSS/HTML a real plus. We’re looking for mid-to-senior developers with experience in retail/commerce/enterprise website development. Lots of CMS and database work.
  4. We’re recruiting for Account Managers. This is a very senior role in Wiliam, and combines strategy, marketing and a real understanding of modern web strategy and technology. This is the front-line of our business.
  5. We’re recruiting Producers. These are Project Managers with an eye for detail, creative and programmatic knowledge and experience. Producers own the website at Wiliam, and are responsible for literally producing websites to our standard.

If you are a ASP.NET programmer, we have some excellent roles available. We have an amazing team; there is autonomy for each developer yet plenty of support, a real desire to use the latest technologies (we’re playing with F# and Asp.NET 4.0) and some pretty cool websites and applications – including iPhone.

Email if you are interested, or call 02 9978 8888.