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Wiliam designer enters Archibald Prize

Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Tags : Web Design News

Wiliam are proud to acknowledge the efforts of one of our highly creative individuals in entering one of Australia's most prestigious art competitions.

'Yellow Jeff' Huang* - as he likes to be known - first dazzled us with his web design creativity and shortly thereafter by demonstrating his artistic skills in creating an entire series of portraits featuring people who have inspired and shaped his life in Sydney and also his past travels. This culminated in an exhibition at the Alpha Gallery in Newtown in 2014. Among the subjects featured were Wiliam staffers including Rob, Nat, Leo (poster boy), Vince, Bess, Queron, Jason and Ed.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Jeff has kept busy with the paintbrush, and recently, having been jokingly inspired over a water-cooler conversation (which also involved 'raw prawns'), decided to enter a new piece for the Archibald Prize.

like crossing Edward Scissorhands with a marionette puppet

Titled 'My Barber George' the artwork consists of oil pastel, oil and acrylic on paper, and features a glorious trademark Yellow Jeff 'Radiohead-styled' rendition of George, who is best known around the office as 'the barber up the road who can cut your hair and also cut you a deal'.

I've had my hair cut by him several times, an experience that can only be described as like crossing Edward Scissorhands with a Thunderbirds-style marionette puppet, as his hands float over your scalp with comically fast and flowing precision. So fast are George's haircuts, I once timed Rob as he walked out the office, returning with full hair-cut exactly 8 min 37 sec later... including the two block return walk. Unbelievable.

Most recently George talked to me about his various business ventures - there have been a few. He divulged his strange inspiration to one day open a kebab shop in the city. And then, the last thing I heard, his shop had burned down a few weeks ago! Ironically, this was about the same time as his portrait was being judged down at the Art Gallery of NSW. Fair dinkum! Poor guy, I hope nobody took offence at his mug, and I reckon that Jeff's interpretation hasn't done him any injustices. In fact, I think Jeff has done a sterling job.

Jeff shows how awesome he is by entering a prestigious art competition that most of us would never have dreamed of possibly entering. Even if you didn't win Jeff, you are an inspiration! Plus I think that 'My Barber George' is definitely my pick for the prize, especially when compared to this horrible thing!

Future clients take note... the next time you need an awesome designer (or your very own, self-indulgent portrait!) make sure you call Wiliam... and be sure to ask for 'Jeffy'.

* Is his real name. And no, before you pass judgement, I'm not being a racist prick. 'Huang' is a traditional Chinese surname that literally translates to 'yellow'. So there, you learn something every day.