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Wiliam’s 2013 Christmas T-Shirt

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Web Design Clients

Every year, I write a blog showing off our annual Christmas T-Shirt design.

2010’s T-Shirt was a personal favourite paying homage to the continuous house music that plays across the office, though the T-Shirt that played off of a famous Daft Punk song remains consistently the most worn in the office.

Due to two of our fine team members departing for London to service one of our clients over there, we’re having our Christmas Party slightly early this year.

We’re going lawn bowling (it is of course raining today, exactly as it did a few years back where we also attempted lawn bowls) and then we’re off to a wine bar for an evening of wine tasting and polite small talk.

We will have the usual Wiliam ‘You’re a Star’ awards and hand each other Kris Kringle presents, most of them purchased from Officeworks this morning.

The star of the show however is the 2013 Christmas T-Shirt. And here it is:

Wiliam 2013 Christmas T-Shirt

So, as I usually try to do, here is the rationale:

  1. Wiliam is named after a hippo and in 2013 unlike really any year, we’ve started to use the hippo device in our branding and work. Here is an example as it is used in our blog:

    Blue Wiliam Hippo

  2. The hippo on the T-Shirt was drawn by our amazing illustrator Max.
  3. The reference on the t-shirt is to Responsive Design – a defining technology trend of 2013 and one we’ve entirely embraced across all websites.
  4. The T-Shirt says that the hippo and T-Shirt are both responsive, growing as more is eaten, something several of us have become aware of thanks to the $11/crispy skin laksa down the road.

I am always asked how one gets one's hand on a T-Shirt (both in white and grey, boys and girls) and the answer is to somehow get yourself into the Wiliam office and hunt the large boxes of T-Shirts down. It is that simple.

Thank you as usual to our fantastic clients in 2013. We’ve scored some great wins together and launched some really cool stuff. We’ve made some awesome friendships and have plenty of experiences to remember.

Thank you also to the amazing Wiliam team. We’re closer, smarter and better than we have ever been. The quality of the work is A1 and Production have consistently nailed the underlying process.

For one, I have just past 16 years at Wiliam and I continue to enjoy being here as much as I ever did.

Merry Christmas!