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Wider Web Design

Jeff Huang Team : Web Design

When we're  crazy on responsive design or talking mobile first, but there’s more hi-definition big screen out there. I use a 2560x1400 UltraSharp Dell monitor at office,  always have to zoom in the site to read on a blog or email. My eye’s distance is sit farer then when I using a notebook or devices which have a smaller screen. 

We need to think about the important of a wider web design seriously now.  

Take a look of Uniqlo US site, when screen resize from 960px to 1600px, the body-font size increase from 13px to 15px (I rekon can be bigger like 17px), the images is bigger as well. The site looks so comfortable and friendly on my screen, can’t wait to order some outfit now.

Yeah, let's make web site bigger now.