Why optimising your website and making it mobile friendly is the way forward

As we move forward, more and more people are using their mobile phones to check and browse websites on the go. I know I am.

With a much smaller screen when compared to a computer, websites which aren’t optimised for mobile browsing are hard to read and just become a nuisance which I (and I’m sure the large majority) tend to avoid. It is my belief that every website will eventually have a mobile browsing friendly version or even an app.

A recent example of this was yesterday when I went to buy a TV, I tried to go on a review website while at the store to check it out and it was just impossible to read on my phone (note I have a Blackberry and an iPhone so hardly dated devices).

Another disadvantage of not having an optimised website is that people may shy away from your site when using their phones purely because of the size of the website.

Not only would a full web page take a long time to load but phone plans don’t have unlimited data plans and going over data allowances can be costly. A mobile site will be smaller size and therefore be easier on a data plan as well as load far quicker.

A great mobile website can draw more customers and people to your website. I go to a specific brand of cinemas because they have a good mobile site so I can book my ticket while on the way there and pick it up once I arrive rather than line up.

Good examples of websites that have been mobile optimised are ANZ, NAB, CNN and our own Wiliam all of which have mobile friendly optimized versions of their sites which makes browsing easy, quick and efficient.

Here’s hoping most websites catch up with the future and follow this trend.