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Why create a Facebook home page for your site?

Wiliam Staff Team : Staff Tags : Social Bookmarking

Fan pages have become the next big thing for small and large business, but have come with mixed reviews. Facebook has overtaken other social medias sites such as MySpace who believed Facebook wouldn’t last. But it did and now as a business owner you cant ignore the impact having a fan page will have on your business.

Most importantly Fan pages are public accessible pages, meaning they do not sit behind a firewall. This allows search engines to crawl your fan page. By incorporating links into your fan page that directly links back to your website through link credit.

Another key feature is the fact is free, easy and completely customizable by you for your business. Upload logos, important company information and a bit of design and you have a Facebook window into your business. Another key feature is the fact that any news item you publish on your fan page loads directly into the users news feed of a fan who has joined your page. This allows all their friends to read your news, creating the social media expansion that directly benefits traffic to your site.

Social media has now become a must have for all serious businesses who want to maximise their exposure and generate revenue, and Facebook is the best place to start.