Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Social Networking

What is Pinterest and is it worth engaging for your online business?

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Social Networking

Pinterest, the ‘burst onto the blocks a few weeks ago’ social photo sharing website, allows users to ‘pin’ like-photos in collections and for those interested in the collections and themes, to discuss and share them.

Women in particular love the service, where they join the website through invitation or more recently, via request.

The interface of Pinterest is fluid and particularly rich as a result of the pin-boards of images across it. 


It’s going nuts. How it maintains this is up in the air, especially if you remember back to saw Quora and how that was going to change how us men talked and shared knowledge around topics we liked…

Whether a fad or not, being an early business adopter might well have its upsides. According to Econsultancy, businesses engaging in Pinterest are seeing far greater rate of referral than out of say Facebook.

I’m suggesting to those clients of ours with rich and engaging imagery – say Baresque – that they start meaningful engagement, build an audience and see what comes of it.

Econsultancy has a great article on how businesses can engage.

If Facebook isn’t really doing it for you – be honest – you should give Pinterest a go.