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What I would be investing in in 2015 (the year of the sheep)

Natalie Ashes Team : Web Production Tags : Web Development Online Trends User Experience Featured

If I were putting together a digital roadmap for the next 24 months these are some of the points I would be exploring.

Data doesn't lie

Start looking at the data. Google analytics have supplied the platform so now it is time to actively use it. Some other good analytical tools on the market at the moment are: Click tale, Crazy EggSession Cam, Formisimo.

Engaging conversation

Generic conversation doesn't cut through the noise. In 2015 it is time to start talking to users in engaging ways. Don't get the CMS manager to write the copy, employ a professional and put together content writing guides. The days of people not reading things online is over.


This is a scary one for most people but personalised experiences can't be avoided. There are so many technologies available to gather the profiles of users. Tell the user you know they have been there before, profile the user and communicate to them based on this. This includes:

  • Emails (if you know I wake up at 7am don't send me emails at 5am)
  • Web experiences (if you know the user has been there before - tell them you know it)
  • Value Proposition (if you’re a fashion site and you know the users 21st Birthday is in 2 weeks then send them a voucher for their birthday outfit.)

Build for devices

And I am not just talking about mobile. I often hear people say things like "sliders aren't touch friendly" the solution: on a touch device don't show a slider. Interfaces shouldn't suffer because of the efficiencies or inefficacies of their device counterparts. Users interact with touch devices so differently than when they use a mouse so build specific interfaces for each. Tablet, Mobile, Desktop, Fablet.

Test test and then test again

Design by committee is over. Just because your CEO likes blue doesn't mean your clients will. Use google experiments and never stop testing. Test everything against a variant and continue iterating.

Talk to your customers

Sit down and talk to your customers and ask them what they think. It's so easy with Air Tasker to get people in and for cheap prices so take advantage of that. They will offer some different perspective that you won't get from testing and analytics.