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Website-to-CRM lead automation

Wiliam Staff Team : Staff Tags : Web Design Web 2.0 Sales CRM

One of the requests we are receiving more and more is to engineer the ability for our clients to have their web generated leads directly added to their Microsoft Dynamics CRM(Customer Relationship Management) software, Salesforce or other CRM

For example, on our website when a client makes an enquiry, it is automatically emailed to the correct person in the company as well as added to the CRM and flagged for follow-up. Once the lead is in the system, a salesperson can pick up the ball on the next step in the process, such as calling and talking with the person who made the enquiry.

At Wiliam, we’ve recently designed these options with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4, but most CRM’s these days provide APIs which allow us to easily integrate the information flow. These techniques decrease time to transfer leads into the CRM allowing for more time to make the sale.

Overall, customer-to-Website tracking can be very simple and effective to use and the utility of this feature can be applied to more than just sales. CRM’s pipeline on each customer is quickly available for customer service requests or even vendor contacts generated from the website.