Have you got on board with Clicktale yet?

We're a big fan of Clicktale and integrate it with many of our client websites; we have a corporate account we've rolled out across many of our websites and applications.

Clicktale is a very deep and dynamic product, a truly transparent approach to web analytics which is changing the way we prioritise the structure of a website and giving us some valuable insights into what makes a successful conversion funnel.

Businesses can use Clicktale to target the areas of least conversion within their website using tools such as:

Link analytics – target specific links using a user friendly interface to determine where the most popular links are on each page you’re tracking.


Heatmaps – Particularly useful in cases of A/B testing or determining whether a page you’ve freshly adjusted for conversion purposes is doing its’ job. Insights gained from using heat maps often lead to optimised and improved sign-up funnels and pages for clients with a level of insight we couldn’t gain strictly from Google Analytics. 


Scroll Maps – it’s hot above the fold. If you ever needed more proof, you’ll find it here.

Clicktale serves as a great stand alone product, but when combined with Google Analytics and some established numbers, it’s insight to your business could be invaluable.

Check out Clicktale today and start improving conversion knowledge and strategy in your business.