Reaching the point where leads and traffic grow exponentially compared to your content effort

It’s a funny thing and I’ve never been able to explain it.

Write a few blogs on our own Wiliam website, wait a few days, get a few leads and enquiries. Slow the blogs and content writing, so too slows the leads and enquiries.

The reason I can’t explain it exactly is because the leads don’t come from the new blogs. They don’t come from a hugely noticeable increase in traffic.

They just come.

Of course, it would not be unreasonable to say that essentially, we are being rewarded by Google in return for rewarding it with content. And no doubt we are.

It would just be nice to know exactly how or why it happened.

Explaining to clients why they should invest in their blogs and content is not always helped by the fact that I can’t exactly explain how or why content equals traffic and leads; but simply that it does.

Though this somewhat vague advice generally begs the question, how much content then, do I need to be producing. Is there a formulae?

A report by Hubspot (a provider of social, email and blogging software) suggests that whilst there isn’t an exact formulae per se, there is certainly a tipping point.

After researching over 7,000 businesses, they found that not only did content equal traffic and leads, though at a certain point, the traffic and leads accelerated much faster than the addition of content:

Write some content tonight!

And where I say there is no formulae, the report does make the point that where a given website hit 500 new pieces of content in the given period, things exploded.

I still don’t have an answer as to exactly how much content a client should be producing, though the answer certainly looks to be as much as you can and certainly need to, in order to trigger this exponential increase in traffic and leads.

Content is not a bore. It is the cost of business though you will be rewarded handsomely for your investment if you stick at it.