Top Five Tips for Choosing a Web Developer

Problem: You know dozens of these so called “web developers” but are not quite sure whether they are able to build that jaw dropping website you’re after. What is a web developer’s role anyway?

Web developers manage all programming and scripting for a web site. They add pictures, web site copy, create hyperlinks and usually act as the web master and maintain the web site once it’s live.

Now that I know what a web developer does, how do I choose the right one?

There are several factors you need to consider before you sign that dotted line. Look at the web developer’s capability to construct the right web site in-line with your product, technical and artistic talents and coding skills that allow for search engine optimisation.

Here are the top 5 tips to consider when you’re considering a web developer that is right for you:

Make sure they are a ‘web developer’ and not a ‘web APPLICATION developer’

Many recruits know ASP.NET and think they can build a website, but in reality, a website is a completely different thing to say a banking system or email client. They need to appreciate the many factors that go into building a successful site, such as how the front-end XHTML will interact with the back-end ASP.NET, and why this interaction can affect SEO performance, cross-browser compatibility, etc.

Thirst for knowledge

The internet is evolving daily. A web developers needs to keep abreast of the latest developments and opportunities to further push what they can offer.

Eye for the detail

With such cutting edge designs and ideas, it’s important to make sure the details are just right. It’s those features that can make a good site truly exceptional.

A ‘can do’ attitude

It’s the web....and forever changing. Anything’s possible; it just might take a little longer. Chances are the greater the challenge of doing new material the more enjoyable it will be. It’s truly satisfying to know that a web developer is creating something unique for your brand.


Ok, so every job requires it but at the concept stage, a developer may ask “What if we did this because of that” and suddenly a whole new opportunity has appeared pushing the limits of what can be done. 

Make sure you also ask questions.  Do they build with expectation to deliver quality each time and do they go the extra mile? Focus on communications skills. 

Finally, spend a little time researching and deciding what exactly your goals and objectives are for the web site. It will save you a lot of money and headache. Quite often simplifying your design, focusing on your message collectively with the right web developer can assure your web site’s success.